Mardi Gras Lafayette 2018

Your Guide to Carnival Season in Lafayette, Louisiana and the Acadiana area

Lafayette's Mardi Gras Indians

Within walking distance to downtown Lafayette, folks celebrate another form of Carnival on Fat Tuesday. Replicating the famous Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans, Lafayette has its own Indian groups, like tribes, representing different neighborhoods. 

Since their appearance in the 1950s, our Indians have their own Lafayette style of costume-making and celebrating. A contest once known as the McComb Veazey Masking Competition provided an opportunity for rival maskers to compete for friendly costume-making bragging rights. That competition morphed into the city-wide Mardi Gras Show in 1998. 

The best opportunities to see Lafayette's Mardi Gras Indians on Fat Tuesday are at 1 pm at "Pontiac Point" (the corner of Simcoe and Surrey Streets) and later that day at 3 pm at Clark Field at the increasingly popular Mardi Gras Show

Mardi Gras Indians

Creole Headhunters

Lafayette Creole Mardi Gras